Top 10 New Games You Should Play on Android

There are over millions of games that are available in Google Play Store that you can download and play in anywhere and any time.  Within this article, we provide you ten newest game in Android that is just in and widely downloaded by many people at once. Without further ado, here is the complete list.

1. Frozen Synapse

frozen synapse

First came as an indie PC game classic, Frozen synapse offer an enjoyable game that can keep you glued to your phone for hours. Frozen Synapse is a turn based tactical shooter game wherein you control s assault squad to take down your enemies. This game has single campaign and multiplayer mode for competitive gameplay.

2. XCOM: Enemy Within

 Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Within is highly acclaimed strategy games that is regarded as one of the best android games in 2015. This game has a pretty steep price to download, but the gameplay and content are well worth with your investment since it has stunning graphics and enganging gameplay to boot.

3. DomiNations


This game might seems like Clash of Clan clone, but there is more in DomiNations than it has met in eyes. This game is best described as a mix between Clash of Clan and Civilization since the player have to expand their territories within the course of history, starts from stone age to space exploration age.

4. Brothers in Arms 3

brothers in arms 3

Made by the giant of android game developer, Gameloft, Brothers in Arm offers a high definition realistic shooting games where you guide a soldier throughout the cities in WWII settings. The most defining feature of this game is the stunning graphics and enganging gameplay, although the in-app purchase offer that constantly shows up might be a turn off

5. The Walking Dead series

The Walking Dead series

Came from the poplar TV series, the Walking dead offers a intricate story with zombie apocalypse settings. It is also has engaging gameplay that can keep you enjoy the atmosphere on the game and follow the wonderfully crafted story.


6. The World Ends With You

The World Ends With You

A reboot from Nintendo DS handheld game, The World Ends With You features an unique gameplay that is one of the kind with a creative real world settings of Akibahara, Japan. Made by the same developer who made Final Fantasy games, this game is worth your spending to play.

7. WWE Immortals

 WWE Immortals

Nothing beats good fighting games to relieve your stress. WWE immortals offer various casts of WWE brwaler within the game and have them fighting each other in a greatly designed 3D world.

8. Ridiculous Fishing

Ridiculous Fishing

As the name suggested, this game is not about a regular fishing. You can also fish with various weaponry in your arsenal, from handgun to a bazooka. This game might sound stupid, but this really a fun game to play.

9. Monument Valley

Monument Valley

This game is hailed as the most innovative puzzle games of 2014, and it still widely played by many people in 2015. Featuring a great music to accompany you, Monument Valley is a good puzzle game to play while you’re waiting for your bus to come.

10. Asphalt 8: Airborne

 Asphalt 8: Airborne

A racing game will never be complete without Asphalt series. This game features stunning graphic with adrenalin inducing races. Plus, it is  free to download too.


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