Top 10 Inventions of the World

One of the traits, which separate humans from other species, is their brain. Human brain is much more superior than any other species of the world and one of the reasons, that our race has been able to do so well is because of some of the most talented people, who invented something revolutionary, which changed the life of every human and thus, we were able to graduate from one level of development to another. We will try to cover top 10 significant inventions in this article.


  1. Fire

Invention of fire is probably the oldest inventions by man. There is no record about the exact date and person, who made this invention, but it is believed that the first fire was produced by rubbing two stones amongst themselves. This invention set the foundation of development for mankind and is therefore one of the most significant invention.

2. Watch

Although there were many methods to calculate time in olden days as well, but nothing came as close and as accurate as a watch. A watch helped man to define time so effectively and accurately, that it became one of the most important inventions in the history of human race.

3. Wheel

The invention of wheel changed the history of mankind and gave the development a speed that was never thought prior to the wheel era. With wheels, people were able to cover long distances which they could had otherwise not even thought of and thus, wheels helps in bringing the world closer.

4. Light Bulb

After Fire, light bulb is probably the most significant inventions in terms of development. The fact that electricity can be stored and used as per our requirement revolutionized the whole mankind and awakened it to a new era.

5. Aeroplane

Although boats and ship were invented much before Aeroplane, but things were never such fast as they became with an aeroplane. The concept of flying not only became true with the invention of plane, but with aeroplane, it was now possible for everyone to move to just about any part of the world, which changed the world forever.

6. Television

Radio too was a remarkable invention, but to watch moving images and to see them live was a fantastic feeling for everyone. With television, technology entered a new era where now everyone can watch the things that were happening at just around anywhere in the world and can also record the important events visually and forever.

7. Atom Bomb

The most powerful invention of the world till date, atom bomb made humans realize what one can do with power. A single blast is capable of destroying big cities and even countries; such is the power of an atom bomb. Although, it was never intended to create destruction, yet, it has become one of the most destructive inventions of all time.

8. Computer

World never remained the same after the computer was invented. Computer changed the way things were done, be it communication or entertainment, everything started revolving around it. Now it is considered the most important inventions of all time.

9. Cell Phone

Land line phones were considered a miracle in themselves, but cell phones made communication process even better. Smartphone, the present version of cell phone, has now become an indispensible part of our life and almost all important activities of a person are now directly or indirectly related to it.

10. Internet

Internet is undoubtedly the greatest invention of this century. It has made communication baby easy and has taken technology to a new height altogether. Nowadays, all new inventions are related either directly or indirectly to internet.


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